Monday, August 5, 2013


The week-end after the Ott Reunion was Austin's baptism so we headed down to Tennessee on Thursday.  On the way we stopped in Kentucky to visit my Great Aunt Gladys and her daughter and son-in-law, Linda and Delmar.  We had a pleasant visit with them before continuing on our way.

It was the first time we had seen the Rays new house.  It is very cute and in a nice neighborhood.  I'm very happy for her. 

Friday we met some friends for lunch.  They lived in Edwardsville the same time frame we did.  Alexandra and their daughter Layne met at Kindergarten Orientation and became friends fast.  The continued to be friends despite the fact that they never ended up in the same class after Kindergarten year.  They had moved in the same summer we did, and moved away the same week we did.  Funny thing is Layne's mom, Patti, is also from Ohio.  We loved the Cupp family and it was great to reconnect with them.  Plus, we ate a Chick-Fil-A which is always a bonus since we don't have one near us.  The Cupps are also on their second move since Edwardsville.  They lived in Ohio while we where in Indiana and had just moved to Tennessee the week before we went down.  They only live about 15 mins from my sister.

 We made a late night ice-cream run to Sonic Friday night.  Saturday before the baptism we were able to go to a B-day party for my cousins MayEmma's little boy.  It was nice to see my Aunt and some of my cousins.  Everyone had fun playing with a incredibly ugly mask the Rays have. Here is Xandy:
 Bella gives it a try
 Even Dad got in on the fun
 Bella got this doll before we left.  I was able to score a really good deal on it thanks to Mom and Natalie watching the Today show.  We ended up giving it to her instead of waiting for Christmas or her b-day since they were both so far away.  Plus, her Christmas gift this year was defective, we returned it two times and the third one still didn't work right.  Bella loved it and treats it like a real baby.   If she needs to leave the room, she makes sure someone is there to hold and watch "Emma".  The only times she forgets about her baby is when real babies are around.
 Uncle Alex was able to attend the baptism since he was flying in for the big family vacation.  He's got to win the best uncle awards for actually taking a nap while holding the doll.  Not too many college guys would do that.  But, he'd kill me if he knew I got it on camera :)
We were disappointed we didn't have time for tubing, but there was too much going on that week-end.  The baptism was great.  Katy played prelude and interlude music.  All the cousins sang "When I am Baptized".  Uncle Jared gave the talk on baptism because (in Austin's own words) "he must know a lot about baptism". After playing the piano at 3 baptism this year, I think Katy was a little relieved to find out we were not going to make it to Weston's baptism in September.

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Amy said...

I am impressed that Katy can play at baptisms. I have been trying to track down a piano teacher for the boys since we moved and still haven't found one yet that we can afford, though none of the boys are complaining.