Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cousin Time

Grandpa took the boy cousins and headed to the park (I'm not sure where else they went).  While we settled in for some girl time.  We painted the nails and toes and helped them make rag-tie flipflops.

We also bought the girls matching suits while we were there.  We went swimming at an indoor community pool.  Some ladies there couldn't get over how cute they all looked in the matching suits.  I couldn't get over how amazing the indoor pool was.  It had about 15 lanes for lap swimming!!!  It also had a smaller pool where the same instructor taught a few classes while we were there.
I'm not sure anyone ever got a picture with just the boys.  I'll have to ask my SILs. 

We also got in some adult girl time.  Melissa, Amanda, and I snuck of for a shopping trip.  We were going to leave Jared and Dad at the park with all the kids but Rachael decided to stay and help them.  I'm not sure if she didn't want to shop or if she was just nicer than the rest of us and felt bad.

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Amy said...

That's a lot of matching suits! How cute.