Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Turkey disguises and Christmas jewelry

Each year, the students and families at the elementary school disguise turkeys so they can blend in and not become someone's dinner. Sometimes the directions are specific- like the year Katy had to decorate hers to look like a professional of some sort.  Xandy followed her lead that year and we had a teacher and a nurse.   This year the directions left it up to your imagination.  After steering them away from things they had done in the past (I really wasn't keen on making another teacher) we settled on a flower garden and a christmas tree. They both turned out pretty cute.  Xandy said hers was the class favorite.

Jacob loves to have his picture taken, BUT only if he can make silly faces.  Trying to get a cute serious picture can be next to impossible on some days
The girls made the necklaces and bracelets they are wearing in this picture.  They made the jewelry to match their Christmas dresses that are red satin and black velvet.  This was the first time Jacob wore a suit coat.  He was so stinking cute, I had a hard time reprimanding him when he was irreverent.

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Amy said...

What a fun idea to disguise the turkeys. They look great! I had to look pretty closely to tell they were turkeys!